Buenos Aires Subway Map

Subway or Metro subway or Buenos Aires The Buenos Aires subway transportation is faster, more frequent (every 4 minutes) and secure the city, besides being one of the most economical.

Communication between the various sectors of the capital is optimal but may also be combinations with other branches in certain seasons. The subway or metro ticket to Buenos Aires is electromagnetic and is dispensed in the same station. After purchase,you must enter it correctly in an industry noted for the turnstile entry granted entry to the platform.
Each ticket is valid for one trip, including combinations necessary to arrive at the destination. Buenos Aires was the first Latin American cities have subway system (1913). For that period, only 10 countries had with this service: England, France, Turkey, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Germany, USA and Argentina.
The existing network of subway or underground Buenos Aires is composed of five lines A, B, C, D and E. Line A (from German to Caballito) is a network that trains still has the time. If you plan to move around the city porteña and surrounding neighborhoods, this map will help you with the combinations and stations. Subway Ticket is ARG Pesos 5 (approx. USD 0.63cents). Opens daily from 05AM to 10.30PM. Most stations offer free WiFi access.
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