Sri Lanka and Argentina tipped as the hottest ‘up and coming’ holiday destinations

Five countries known as ‘the SLIMMA nations’ are the next big emerging tourism destinations to look out for, travel experts say.

Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico and Argentina have been identified for their growth potential and as tourist hotspots to rival the BRIC nations – Brazil, Russia, India and China – according to The World Travel Market 2011 Industry Report.

The report highlighted Sri Lanka’s natural beauty and investment in infrastructure as the country re-emerges after years of civil war, while Indonesia was credited for its diversity and growing population with high levels of disposable income.
Malaysia, which is seen as an Asian destination with a more Westernised feel than nearby countries, was singled out in the report for its aggressive tourism marketing campaigns around the world, while Mexico’s investment in hotels and infrastructure and its low taxes were also highlighted.

Argentina was tipped as an ‘up and coming’ value-for-money holiday destination, which has seen strong economic growth.
In last year’s report, the BRICS nations were named one of the biggest growth opportunities, with China and Russia seen as the most important tourism markets.

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