Mendoza Wine Harvest Festival 2011!

The Grape Harvest Festival is the most important popular celebration in Mendoza and in the country. At this province in the Cuyo region, the grape harvest festivities are part of the folklore that manages to get winegrowers, as well as the workers of the vine and the soil, and the rest of society together.

The main acts of the Grape Harvest Festival 2011 will be held on the first weekend of March.

A popular festival indeed, the grape harvest in Mendoza has all the necessary ingredients (magic, customs, hope, rites, superstition, beliefs, meals, festivals and more) for the ritual to be repeated and to have more and more followers year after year. What started inside each winery was later supported by various areas in the government and the most prestigious institutions in the province, which soon led this celebration to be considered as the National Grape Harvest Festival.

Ever since 1936, and with increasing attendance year after year, various moments have become the protagonists: from the Fruit Blessing to the night parade of the districts queens in their floats along the streets of the capital city.

As the famous Queens' Carousel gets past, the entire city and their followers appreciate the beauty of the young women in the daylight. In the meantime, the wine is poured into the glasses and shared by all the neighbors who come along to discover who will be their next sovereign.

For all these reasons, the National Grape Harvest Festival is one of the most popular events in Argentina. One has to be there, at least once in a lifetime, to understand this unconditional love a people feels for wine.

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