Recoleta/Plaza Francia

Each Saturday and Sunday you can enjoy a new and unique experience in Plaza Francia which is located in the Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires. There is a large market where you can find close to anything from a new pet dog to some wall art. Apart from the market you can pass the day watching the numerous free shows going on throughout the park.

There are puppet shows for children, numerous different genres of live music, magic shows, capoeira, and shows that you can’t put a name to and you just have to see for yourself. Be sure to pass by the capoeira show as well as listen to the slow romantic/sappy songs from a guy that has been playing every weekend for the past 15 years and still keeps people coming back. It is typical that they go around with a hat to collect tips as they are there to make a little extra money off of their various talents.

Donations are not obligatory but most of the shows are well worth a couple of pesos. Also, don’t forget to try a fresh squeezed orange juice from any one of the carts outside. They are delicious and refreshing after being outside in the sun for a while.

You can also find various other refreshing drinks and the various other tasty treats that you can buy from any one of the carts. When the weather is nice Plaza Francia is a must-go in Buenos Aires for visitors and locals (Porteños) alike to Buenos Aires. While in the neighborhood there are a few other destinations to hit up including the infamous Cemetary where Eva Peron is burried, Museo de Bellas Artes, Cultural Center, and any one of the outdoor cafes with my favorite being Bulners. Bulners is a brewery that is situated near other outdoor cafes across from the cemetery and boasts a nice view of the market goers. Hot tip: Try their chicken fajitas and taste their India Pale Ale.